Coffee Break: a new challenge

It’s time to answer the question: what actually is coffee?

Have you ever thought that the coffee you just had this morning is so similar to the other billions of coffees that are drunk every day in every country of the world? Coffee is far more than just a drink; it is rather a habit or a ritual.

Certainly, tastes are different, like espresso, americano, Turkish coffee, macchiato, cappuccino, but the cross-cultural element is related to the sensation of becoming “awake” and enjoying the moment.

Original from Ethiopia, coffee and the moment we dedicate to coffee are among the few elements shared between very different cultures.

It’s either the start of the day or the protagonist of a break at work or studying. Coffee is the chameleon that brings us together on different occasions such as dates, study groups and after-dinner conversations.

Coffee is an intrinsic part of our world with a cultural connotation too since around it we try to have our best ideas and to read good pages of our favourite book or newspapers.

Interestingly, Il Caffè (The Coffee) was one of the first Italian journals published in 1764 that aimed to shake the prejudices of that time and to challenge them with discussions around literature, politics, economy, science, medicine while giving to the writers autonomy of thoughts and freedom of expression.

The term espresso itself comes from the Italian meaning “pressed out,” but the sound reminds express yourself.

As we found ourselves thinking about a name for the English section of Venti, an Italian six-years-old blog with thousands of readers, we came across the potential of a name that could bring together people from every corner of the world. People who could read our articles in a language they know in a very easy moment of the day, such as their coffee break.

If usually it takes about one year for a new coffee plant to begin flowering and another two or three years before this begins to bear the beans, this project started sprouting into action in only a few months. We are an energetic team made by people with different backgrounds who want to make an impact.

Coffee Break aims to bring to you information, ideas, tips, reviews, interviews, projects about different topics… the sky is the limit.

The flow of ideas cannot be stopped.

Time to grab your cup of coffee.