The immense power of video and​ content creation

The second lockdown is on in Ireland and I had the chance to learn more about video and content creation, a phenomenon spreading on the internet and in every social media at an unprecedented pace.

To prove that, I ask you to think about how much content you watch every day compared to the number of articles or pages you read instead.

Some statistics also show that video consumption has increased dramatically in 2020.

As per The Verge, since the start of the pandemic, there has been a significant surge in “at home” videos where people are creating content about various topics such as cooking, home exercise, yoga, cutting hair, making face masks or growing your food.

Indeed every single person with a device and a good internet connection has the potential of creating content, telling stories, showing or teaching what they’re good at, and ultimately, engaging people from everywhere.

First of all, video content creation is innovative and revolutionary for three reasons:

It’s empowering. It gives you a voice to make an impact and let people understand what you believe in. This can even change their opinion and their lives.

It makes you become your own boss. Once you have your plan, you just have to follow it and decide what to publish and when at your own pace.

It can become your full-time job and your ikigai if you like what you do and your content is useful and unique. This can pay for your expenses when you reach the number of followers and start monetizing your page. This is an aspect not everybody is aware of, as the time we spend watching somebody else’s video pays them off for real.

But which are the key features for creating excellent content? And how can I learn content creation? 

There are many sources you can access, like reading blogs, watching tutorials or taking online classes.

Apart from the top E-learning platforms (Udemy, Coursera, Lynda), I found a free guide by TedX called ‘Speaker Guide‘ to help you build your story within the content you want to share with your public. Storytelling plays a key role if your content is educational or inspirational. Psychology actually proves that when we get information through stories, we engage more neurons and the story is wired into our memory in a much reliable way.

You can prove it yourself following different creators, and a great page for contents is Nas Daily. Through storytelling, Nuseir “Nas” engages millions of followers and fosters empathy, tolerance, compassion and respect for difference.

I was amazed by his bio since he left his 100k paid job and started travelling and making videos for a total of 1000 videos in 1000 days, then he found his company. Nas Daily videos have been seen more than 6 billion times.

Additionally, Nas has recently started a project called the Nas Academy for creators. 

“We create creators and make the complicated simple and the boring interesting: this is the power of Nas Daily.”

Through his contents, I have learned about different countries of the world and some amazing people living and making something very special for others. Nas gave them a voice and made their example truly remarkable.

But video creation is not easy or simple, it requires commitment and hard work. I have attended one of the Nas Daily’s free classes. The courses will teach you how to write your script, shoot and edit the video, how and where to publish, and help with confident communication.

For example, different social media sharing networks are for different types of content as well and this will help you establish your target.

· Instagram and Snapchat start with an image or short videos

· YouTube and Vimeo: video is the primary mode of communication so the quality itself has to be high, and it’s good for tutorials

· TikTok is for short videos as well and mainly for entertainment 

Another page that can inspire you for creative content is the Italian page Freeda, the #1 global female media about storytelling and female representation. Many of the Facebook posts are short videos with subtitles and quick interviews. This page started in 2016 and is expanding to the English and Spanish markets, having reached millions of followers already. If you start making content in your native language, you can think about internationalization later on.

Let’s go for it. Video creation is the future – our future.